05 August 2007


Danuka Asked
Hello everyone.........
I'm planning to study in Australia for undergraduate studies, I am living in India. I have been searching for some scholarships in which I can apply for, but I have not been able to find them. I'll be really grateful to you, if you people could let me know some of the links where I can find some good scholarships provided for international students.

Ahmad's response
Check with specific universities...each uni will have it's own scholarships to give out. Moreover, scholarships for international students r normally only partial...UNSW gives AUD 5000 per year, Monash gives AUD 6000 per year and Melbourne Uni gives 25% fee waiver...and all these scholarships r VERY competitive....Me and my friend got the Monash scholarship, because we had 96% marks in A-Levels (which is very high by A-Level standards, as the A-grade is at 80%).

If u r looking for aid scholarships, ask your local Australian high commission for AusAID scholarships...they will be able to inform u on that, since AusAID has a variable quota for each country every year...

Thanks Ahmad, but the problem with me is that I have already gone through the scholarship links of almost all the universities, but I am not able to find any outcome. Basically I don't know how to go about it. I have got 88% marks and have a good sports background as well. So what do you think are there any possibilities of me getting a scholarship?

For most unis you wont need to apply for undergraduate entry scholarships...

UNSW's scholarship page for international applicants is here:

For Monash or Melbourne Uni, you don't need to apply. They will inform you themselves if you get one.

AusAID scholarships can be be provided details for by the ausralian diplomatic office in your area.

From Michelle
In general, there aren't any sports scholarships to Australian Universities like there are in the US. Don't expect good sporting achievement to count anything towards an undergraduate scholarship, if you're looking for that, go to the US.

Reproduced from the Orkut Study in Australia Community with permission from Ahmad.

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