20 September 2007

Does teaching english as a foreign language get me points for Skilled Migration?

Teaching of English as a Foreign Language. In demand or not?

The Department of Immigration website has current lists of occupations which are on the MODL (Migration Occupations in Demand), the SOL (Skilled Occupation List) or the Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List (ENSOL). These lists change regularly, so don't take my word for it, check the DIC website yourself.

Teaching of English as a Foreign language is currently in the ENSOL list, so you can't use it to get points as an independent Skilled Migrant.

20 hour work allowance

Anonymous writes

Is there a new rule coming up , that the new students will not be allowed the 20 hour work permit anymore ?
Please confirm...its crucial for me.

Rajan Replied
All the changes which gets made to the legislation are here

Ahmad Added

I haven't heard anything on the maximum of 20 hours work condition being withdrawn..and it doesn't make sense as well...because students in many degrees (esp engineering) need vacation work for 12 weeks before they can graduate...

There is legislation coming up which ill make it a criminal offence for employers to employ anyone knowing that they will breach visa conditions...

Reproduced from the Orkut Melbourne Community with permission from Ahmad and Rajan

Biotechnology Opportunities

Keerthi wrote Hi all!! i got a gr8 deal of info from tis thread! thanks a ton to all u guys!

Now about myself.. I have finished my bachelor's this yr and am gonna do my masters in biotechnology at RMIT. Planning to land at melb in feb 2008.

Could someone tell me about the job opportunities out there and how good is the Uni for this course?
And is extending visa to continue studies at the same Uni a problem?

Rajan Replied

There are many few uni's here who offer BioTech education, To my understanding Monash Uni, Melbourne Uni (& Swinbourne uni shares resources), University of Queensland and Adelaide Uni holds good reputation. I haven't came across RMIT much but you might hear from someone in RMIT soon who can tell you more about it.

I have also heard that most of the uni's in Queensland has BioTech courses.

I am unsure that in which field are you looking for a job. I guess if you will come here only then you will be able to decide that well.

Reproduced from the Melbourne Community on Orkut with permission from Rajan

19 September 2007

2-year study rule. Orkut Worries about Melbourne

Potential overseas students thinking about coming to Melbourne have a new online community addressing their worries, and giving up to date votes on relevant issues like how much does it cost to live here, and how much money should I bring? Ahmad has written the following opinion in the Melbourne Worries Community ....

DIAC has not changed the two-year study rule as can still use more than one qualification to make 2 yrs.

HOWEVER, the department of education, science and training (DEST) which works with DIAC to issue eCOEs for visas and extensions, has now changed the rules that govern universities. It is now expected that each student will finish his course within the time given on the eCOE ... so you cannot under-enrol in a 1.5 yr subject to make it 2 yrs. If you don't finish your course within the stipulated time, you wont get a new eCOE and hence wont get a visa extension, except if you can prove the delay in completion was due to a genuine medical cause...the university will have to intercede on your behalf. Failing a unit would allow you to take an extra semester and extension of visa, provided the university and/or faculty intercedes on your behalf.

In short:

Under-enrol a shorter course to extend it: NO
Extend course for genuine medical reasons: YES, subject to DEST and DIAC approval
use more than one qualifications: OK
Failing a unit and taking an extra semester and extension of visa: MAYBE, provided the university and/or faculty intercedes on your behalf.

Please note: This is from a discussion group only, and not intended as advice on how to apply to immigrate to Australia.

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