20 September 2007

Biotechnology Opportunities

Keerthi wrote Hi all!! i got a gr8 deal of info from tis thread! thanks a ton to all u guys!

Now about myself.. I have finished my bachelor's this yr and am gonna do my masters in biotechnology at RMIT. Planning to land at melb in feb 2008.

Could someone tell me about the job opportunities out there and how good is the Uni for this course?
And is extending visa to continue studies at the same Uni a problem?

Rajan Replied

There are many few uni's here who offer BioTech education, To my understanding Monash Uni, Melbourne Uni (& Swinbourne uni shares resources), University of Queensland and Adelaide Uni holds good reputation. I haven't came across RMIT much but you might hear from someone in RMIT soon who can tell you more about it.

I have also heard that most of the uni's in Queensland has BioTech courses.

I am unsure that in which field are you looking for a job. I guess if you will come here only then you will be able to decide that well.

Reproduced from the Melbourne Community on Orkut with permission from Rajan

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