27 May 2007

From IELTS to uni application to VISA stamping

Hello every body out there I'm in India right now and aspire to come Australia for undergraduate study........I want go become a part of one the universities from the group of <8>. I want some of you to tell me how much time it takes to complete all the formalities, get the letter of conformation and the visa. I want to start there in 2008 (1st semister). I have startd prepaing for IELTS, but am not allied to any of the universities also. PLZ help ...........

A: from Ahmad
Step 1: Take IELTS and wait for the result.

Step 2: When you get IELTS result, apply to uni with all your credentials as applicable (you may need to pay an application fee).

Step 3: The Uni will send you a letter of offer, or conditional offer. Use this to apply for your visa. Your local Australian diplomatic office will have more info on visas.

Step 4: the high commission will ask you to obtain a document called eCOE from the uni, as well as undergoing the medical tests.

Step 5: submit the eCOE to the high commission for final visa processing.

Starting from application to visa stamping it takes about 3 months.

Reproduced from the Orkut Study in Australia Community with permission from Ahmad.

Campus Accommodation at Monash

Harpreet asked: do i ask 4 campus accommodation at Monash??

Rajan replied:

Have you applied through any agent like IDP ? if yes then ask them. Otherwise just call Monash International Student cell and they should be able to arrange it. More details are on the Monash uni site.

From the Orkut Monash University community. Reproduced here with permission from Rajan.

23 May 2007

Laptop for WiFi

Hey guys I'm planing to get my laptop and come over there so can you all tell me what are the net connections? What are the rates of Wi-Fi?

From Ahmad:
Primus, Optus, TPG, Telstra...all run at about $49 per month for the unlimited high speed packages. check these webites:

From Rajan:
Mate when you say WiFi

There are different technologies which can be used at different placed in Australia. Main city areas are covered by "hot spots" by Telstra and some other providers. Your device should have a wireless card either inbuilt or you can use PCI (for desktop) and PCMCI(for laptops) wireless (802.11 based technology) cards. Most of the good cafe's, colleges, Tafes, airports and Universities have this facilities too. But you need to subscribe as it needs keys for decrypting the information which travels on wireless signals.

Do a Google search for "hotspots in Australia" you will find info.

You can even use a converter for 3G technology which lets you use your mobile phone chip for browsing internet. 3 and Telstra are main players. Same will apply for some GSM and CDMA technology but would not be as good as 3G.

For any internet or broadband related comparisons and views of users best site is go to its discussion forum

Ahmad responded:
Plus the fact that the 3G based internet providers (3, Telstra, etc) tend to be very expensive...3's data package is $49 for 1Gb...

15 May 2007

Queensland University

Rabiba wrote...
Rajan, I would be obliged if you would let me know whether 'The Queensland University' is in Melbourne or not? If No, then which Cities have this Uni?? Please reply asap!! Thanks!

Rajan & Ahmad
I am not sure that you are looking for more info on "Central Queensland University (CQU)" or "The university of Queensland (UQ)"

If you are talking of "The University of Queensland" (UQ), it is located in the city of Brisbane (the capital of the state of Queensland). It has three campuses (St Lucia, Ipswich, Gatton), all in Brisbane. UQ ->

Central Queensland University has five campuses in Central Queensland, a campus on the Gold Coast and capital city campuses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. CQU locations

12 May 2007

Melbourne IELTS test centres

Question: Where are the IELTS Melbourne test centres?

IELTS currently has 5 test centres registered in Melbourne.

Deakin University IELTS
Melbourne Campus at Toorak
336 Glenferrie Road, Malvern.

NMIT (Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE)
41 Cramer St, Preston

Hawthorn English
(Melbourne University)
442 Auburn Road, Hawthorn.

Monash University, Clayton Campus

RMIT English
Level 6, 393 Swanston Street, Melbourne City.

08 May 2007

Bob Birrell implies 120 point PR pass mark to remain.

Yesterday, The Australian newspaper quoted Bob Birrell, the influential Monash University academic behind the new skilled migration rules, complaining that "instead of meeting the new standards of English proficiency, students interested in permanent residency after completing courses in Australia could relocate to regional centres where it is easier to meet entry requirements for the skilled migration program". The article in the Australian said the General Skilled Migration pass mark will remain at 120 points, allowing students to bypass the new English language requirement by moving to a regional area like Adelaide. Without the regional component, students would need an IELTS score of six, or competent English, up from the current five, or vocational English.

02 May 2007

Holmsglen TAFE

Hi Rajan,
Very kind to see you helping everyone over here.
I'm coming in July 07 to Holmesglen TAFE Institute to do my hotel management course...
Q1. Hows this college
Ahmad answered for Rajan:
It is one of the best known TAFE institutes in Australia, and is the largest in Victoria. It does not stand up to the standard of unis, but still is a good institution.

Q2. Will I get a part time job easily because my age is just 18
Very vague question. Finding jobs is not easy, but certainly not too difficult. How easily you find them depends on how dedicated you are in finding them.

Q3. What about accommodation
Slot yourself into temporary accommodation for the initial few weeks, and then move out to a shared house when you find suitable partners.

Q4. What about pr how is this process...does it take a long time
It can take some time. You can only apply after you finish your degree. Most TAFE courses get 40 or 50 points on the SOL, so it can be very difficult to pass the points test.

5. Do I need to buy a laptop from here it needed

This is something only you can answer. You would need a laptop in my opinion, and they are expensive in Australia.

6. What is the scope for hospitality in Melbourne

The scope is not bad but getting a PR with such occupations is another issue altogether...

Reproduced from the Orkut Melbourne Community with permission from Ahmad. All the responses were provided by Ahmad.

01 May 2007

Accommodation For July

Huzefa wrote:

Hey Rajan,
I've completely read your thread and your blog and it has been an immense help.

I'm coming to Melbourne around July 2007 for my accounting pg at Deakin. I visited the sites you mentioned but there is a lot of information there and I'm not being able to single out an appropriate dorm for me to book before I arrive. Since after landing at airport I've no-one in Melb to go to I need to book a dorm or a hostel room before hand. When should I contact the landlord as mentioned on these sites for information on availability of rooms and should I send them fees in advance if asked?

Help me out Rajan please I'm right now not even close to being prepared to leave for Melbourne.

Rajan's response
Your uni should be able to find a temporary place to stay at if you do not know anyone here. This will allow you to meet new people at the uni who will be looking for accommodation too. Alternatively you will see a lot of advertisements on the uni boards where people already have taken a place on rent and looking for house mates. I am sure you will manage to find it soon.

Reproduced from the "First time in Melbourne? Few tips for you" thread in the Orkut Melbourne Community with permission from Rajan.

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