23 May 2007

Laptop for WiFi

Hey guys I'm planing to get my laptop and come over there so can you all tell me what are the net connections? What are the rates of Wi-Fi?

From Ahmad:
Primus, Optus, TPG, Telstra...all run at about $49 per month for the unlimited high speed packages. check these webites:

From Rajan:
Mate when you say WiFi

There are different technologies which can be used at different placed in Australia. Main city areas are covered by "hot spots" by Telstra and some other providers. Your device should have a wireless card either inbuilt or you can use PCI (for desktop) and PCMCI(for laptops) wireless (802.11 based technology) cards. Most of the good cafe's, colleges, Tafes, airports and Universities have this facilities too. But you need to subscribe as it needs keys for decrypting the information which travels on wireless signals.

Do a Google search for "hotspots in Australia" you will find info.

You can even use a converter for 3G technology which lets you use your mobile phone chip for browsing internet. 3 and Telstra are main players. Same will apply for some GSM and CDMA technology but would not be as good as 3G.

For any internet or broadband related comparisons and views of users best site is go to its discussion forum

Ahmad responded:
Plus the fact that the 3G based internet providers (3, Telstra, etc) tend to be very expensive...3's data package is $49 for 1Gb...

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king said...

in NET ,Calls are calculated based on 1-minute increments. Any fraction of a minute will be rounded up to the next full minute.
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