27 May 2007

From IELTS to uni application to VISA stamping

Hello every body out there I'm in India right now and aspire to come Australia for undergraduate study........I want go become a part of one the universities from the group of <8>. I want some of you to tell me how much time it takes to complete all the formalities, get the letter of conformation and the visa. I want to start there in 2008 (1st semister). I have startd prepaing for IELTS, but am not allied to any of the universities also. PLZ help ...........

A: from Ahmad
Step 1: Take IELTS and wait for the result.

Step 2: When you get IELTS result, apply to uni with all your credentials as applicable (you may need to pay an application fee).

Step 3: The Uni will send you a letter of offer, or conditional offer. Use this to apply for your visa. Your local Australian diplomatic office will have more info on visas.

Step 4: the high commission will ask you to obtain a document called eCOE from the uni, as well as undergoing the medical tests.

Step 5: submit the eCOE to the high commission for final visa processing.

Starting from application to visa stamping it takes about 3 months.

Reproduced from the Orkut Study in Australia Community with permission from Ahmad.

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