02 May 2007

Holmsglen TAFE

Hi Rajan,
Very kind to see you helping everyone over here.
I'm coming in July 07 to Holmesglen TAFE Institute to do my hotel management course...
Q1. Hows this college
Ahmad answered for Rajan:
It is one of the best known TAFE institutes in Australia, and is the largest in Victoria. It does not stand up to the standard of unis, but still is a good institution.

Q2. Will I get a part time job easily because my age is just 18
Very vague question. Finding jobs is not easy, but certainly not too difficult. How easily you find them depends on how dedicated you are in finding them.

Q3. What about accommodation
Slot yourself into temporary accommodation for the initial few weeks, and then move out to a shared house when you find suitable partners.

Q4. What about pr how is this process...does it take a long time
It can take some time. You can only apply after you finish your degree. Most TAFE courses get 40 or 50 points on the SOL, so it can be very difficult to pass the points test.

5. Do I need to buy a laptop from here it needed

This is something only you can answer. You would need a laptop in my opinion, and they are expensive in Australia.

6. What is the scope for hospitality in Melbourne

The scope is not bad but getting a PR with such occupations is another issue altogether...

Reproduced from the Orkut Melbourne Community with permission from Ahmad. All the responses were provided by Ahmad.


good said...

hi.i m frm india.bro pls help us my bro is in melbourne hes jobless& upset pls hlp

Michelle said...

Good, I've been thinking about your message all week & hoping that things turn out well for your brother. Its not possible to give you any useful advice without more details or some way of contacting you.

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