27 May 2007

Campus Accommodation at Monash

Harpreet asked: do i ask 4 campus accommodation at Monash??

Rajan replied:

Have you applied through any agent like IDP ? if yes then ask them. Otherwise just call Monash International Student cell and they should be able to arrange it. More details are on the Monash uni site.

From the Orkut Monash University community. Reproduced here with permission from Rajan.

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Michelle said...

If you're coming to study at Monash Caulfield, try booking your first week at Evancourt Hotel at 1015-1019 Dandenong Rd, East Malvern, phone +61 3 9573 1800. They have 12 motel rooms and cheaper hostel rooms.
Its much easier to find long term accommodation once you are here.

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