19 September 2007

2-year study rule. Orkut Worries about Melbourne

Potential overseas students thinking about coming to Melbourne have a new online community addressing their worries, and giving up to date votes on relevant issues like how much does it cost to live here, and how much money should I bring? Ahmad has written the following opinion in the Melbourne Worries Community ....

DIAC has not changed the two-year study rule as can still use more than one qualification to make 2 yrs.

HOWEVER, the department of education, science and training (DEST) which works with DIAC to issue eCOEs for visas and extensions, has now changed the rules that govern universities. It is now expected that each student will finish his course within the time given on the eCOE ... so you cannot under-enrol in a 1.5 yr subject to make it 2 yrs. If you don't finish your course within the stipulated time, you wont get a new eCOE and hence wont get a visa extension, except if you can prove the delay in completion was due to a genuine medical cause...the university will have to intercede on your behalf. Failing a unit would allow you to take an extra semester and extension of visa, provided the university and/or faculty intercedes on your behalf.

In short:

Under-enrol a shorter course to extend it: NO
Extend course for genuine medical reasons: YES, subject to DEST and DIAC approval
use more than one qualifications: OK
Failing a unit and taking an extra semester and extension of visa: MAYBE, provided the university and/or faculty intercedes on your behalf.

Please note: This is from a discussion group only, and not intended as advice on how to apply to immigrate to Australia.

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