27 June 2006

Clothes to bring for a Melbourne winter

First of all, if you're staying for a year or more, don't buy a whole lot of warm clothes in your home country to wear in Melbourne. Inevitably the fashions here will be different & you'll either be left with a whole lot of clothes you won't use or feel out of place for the next six months. If you arrive in June or July, there should be warm clothes here in the shops at half the normal price, as they sell out of their winter stock.

My advice seems to conflict with others talking of the high price of clothing here. Do bring any warm clothes you already have, especially underwear and bedding, as clothes are cheaper in some parts of the world. You can expect to pay $A50 for a sweater, $A100 for a coat, $50-$100 for a pair of shoes. If you bug me, I'll write a blog on where to go to get clothes cheaply.

What you'll need:

  • sweater / jumper / pullover / windcheater
  • coat or jacket
  • closed footware eg: shoes, boots, etc.
  • probably a scarf
  • gloves and hat are purely optional. You don't need to buy these before you arrive.
Melbourne winter temperatures get down to 2°C regularly, but only at night. The daily variation is wide, with daytime temperatures commonly reaching 14 or 15° C or even higher, even in the winter months.


Anonymous said...

Nice variety of winter clothes I found at Lane Bryant store through

Someone who can spell said...

Hmm, $50-$100 for a pear of shoes, huh?

How much for an apple of shoes?

Michelle said...

Thanks for checking my spelling, whoever you are.

ziggyzag said...

This is good info :) Thanks for sharing....I'm going over this July and I have no idea how melb is..can't really visualize coz all I get so far is hear-say...

Muttz said...

i am going to melbourne from the UK, next month for my masters prog. i was wondering if you would recommend getting a "winter coat" as we wear out here, or would i be okay, with one of our lighter 'burtons' sorta summer jacket?
sorry to bug you..


Michelle said...

having lived in both countries I would estimate that July in Melbourne is like London in late October or early November. There isn't much point buying something in the summer sales in the UK to bring here for winter.

Anonymous said...

I would be coming in February, 2013. Still don't know what to buy and what to leave. In my part of the world, Pakistan, it would be pleasant spring in March, and then summer in June. I want to pack light, but i think i can't bring summer clothes to Melbourne, as it would be Autumn by then, nor can i pack all the sweaters and jackets into my luggage, as it would make a separate suitcase of just these things. What should I do :(

Rasika Himali said...

Hi Michelle,
Could you tell us few places to buy clothes and shoes?

Michelle said...

Rasika, are you talking of places in Melbourne, or before you get here?
I presume before you get here, & will think of a few places...

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