08 August 2006

Wanna enjoy free caLLs using a VoIP facility??


Heard of Yahoo phone, Skype n other VoIP softwares ???
Well here is one which gives you free talking minutes for selected countries..

The software is from Axill Europe Limited and the product is "Globe7".


*FREE calling by watching videos
*Earn half a cent of a dollar (USD) for every one minute of watching videos on Globe7 to make free international calls.
*FREE 1GB storage space!
*Upload files of your choice and share with your Globe7 friends.
*Breaking News
*View latest News feeds in your Globe7. Customize News feeds as per your choice.*
*Video Calls
*Free High quality PC to PC Video calls with your Globe7

Thats the general features Globe7 offers...
The interesting part is that who ever downloads the software from the globe7 messenger website will get 100 minutes of free talk time***

*** Free talk time can be used for calling,
-Aussie land line
-Both mobile and land line of US
-Both mobile and land line of HongKong
-And many more.. Check the Globe7 website for more details

All new users will get free credit of ONE US$ (can call any mobile/landline in the world using this credit). Also there are a number of "sponsored minutes and credits to be won. For more on this and for downloading the messenger log on to

Please check your firewall/proxy settings before using globe7..

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