23 May 2008

Student Jobs and Finances

How much is the basic pay of a student who is doing a part time job?

Ahmad: The FairPay Commission has set $12.5 per hour as the minimum wage.

Rajan added:

We also know that a lot small business owners take advantage of overseas students and lure them into cash in hand jobs where they pay them about $8 per hour or so. It is better to look for a job which sticks to the Government Regulations.

You can't do much about it if your cash in hand employer decides not to pay you at all.

How much time it would take to find a job after reaching Australia(by student visa)?

Ahmad: Depends on how hard you look...

Q: Is there any placement agencies who assist to find part time jobs?

Ahmad: Yes. The majority of job-searches are done online though.

Q: Is it possible to earn some money during the course by doing part time jobs? Is it possible to save at least 300AUD per month?

Ahmad: Yes. 20 hours of work a week is allowed during semesters...How much you can actually work depends on your timetable.

Q:Is it possible to save at least 300 AUD per month?

Ahmad: If you are looking at paying your fee, living expenses and still having $200 left, I would say probably not.

You should be able to break even and perhaps save some money provided you live in relatively cheap accommodation, work a substantial portion of the 20 hours allowed, and don't spend extravagantly.

Michelle: Earning money to pay full fees and living costs by working 20 hours per week during semester is very unusual & probably not feasible.

Ahmad & Rajan have been posting answers to questions in the Melbourne Community on orkut. Reproduced with permission.


mindbodysoul said...

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Anonymous said...
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tee1 said...

actually im thinking to get my bachelors in business (event management and tourism) degree from la trobe university. n my family is paying 1st semester fees. is it possible for me to earn for my left fees like 10000$ in 6 months. my accomodation is free as im gonna live with my bother.

Michelle said...

It is possible, in theory, but if you aren't able to find a job quickly your aim could very soon slip away from you. You need to have an alternative plan if this one doesn't work out.

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