15 April 2007

First time in Melbourne? Some tips for you. Rajan's advice thread.

Advice from Rajan for Indians thinking of studying and working in Melbourne.

Can I use my electronic items?

The Australian standard is 240 volts with frequency of 50Hertz. Most of the universal converters are available in super markets.

Happy wrote:
If I want to drive taxi part time there in Melbourne then what should I do? question to you is why do you want to drive a cab? Just because a lot of friends told you that they are doing the same here? Its easy money but a bad job..especially when you are dropping people home when they do not know what they are doing (Drunk)... anyway you asked this question so I can tell you that you need first of all a Full Victorian License ... you need to clear driving tests for this. then you need to attend a course with the Taxi directorate. Then they also give you exams. Look for taxi Directorate Victoria on Google for more information.

Gorav asks:
Can you please tell about job prospects in the IT field? I've enrolled for a masters in network computing from Monash in Feb'07 session. Its a 1.5 yrs course. I've seen other postings in different communities and they've suggested that its really a bad time for guys in this field, thats why now I'm feeling a bit afraid of making this investment. Please help.

Hi Gorav, I did my Masters of Network Computing from Monash. Its a good course but problem is Australia has not grown up to be a really good market for IT professionals. Prospects for programmers are not many as compared to China, India, USA, UK and Germany.

The rest is all about luck. You never know. I know people here who work for companies like TCS, Infosys, EMC and other. Depends on how hard you can try and how good you are. You also require a reference. As a fresher its a hard and long way to go.

Hey Rajan, I have my real sister also there, she's in Canberra workng with Accenture.....will her reference do? Or i'll still have to struggle a lot!!!

Buddy. MNC from Monash lets you decide what you want to do. Its up to you to go for programing based subjects or the ones related to Network Security and System Administration. All depends on you that what do you want for you.

If you are really good at programing and you can prove that. I would suggest you to work for MNC in India and after having experience move where ever you like. If you sister works in Accenture ask her what she can do for you. She would be able to tell you better than me.

Vicky wrote
How much money can I carry from India to Melbourne. I am coming on a student visa in Feb 07 ?

Rajan's advice
In my understanding you do not need to declare if you are carrying less than $10000. I am not sure if you get questioned in India about this. If you want to bring more than $10000 then you need to declare it in Australia.

Vicky wrote
But Sir, what about travellers cheques. How much money should I take?
I mean the expenses of accommodation and all before I get a job there ... and what about jobs. What kind of jobs are there? Are call centre jobs easily available there?

Rajan's advice
Vicky, that is the hardest question you can ask us. It all depends upon where you want to live and what facilities you want to have.

Fully furnished places will be expected to be expensive, so do the ones closer to the city and universities.

Best is to stay in a university campus for 1-2 weeks and meanwhile start looking for people who are looking for house mates. Believe me there are a lot of them

Vicky responded
“Thanks sir ... just sir my question is still not answered fully...
well I am getting temporary accommodation for $220/ week with meals for a single ...later I will look in some suburban area for share accommodation... so what amount should I carry with me as a travelers cheque so that I can manage before I find a job to earn my living?

Rajan's advice
Vicky, the question you are asking is very broad... there are so many things which matters like do you want to live close to the city ? Close to uni ? Close to public transport ? All these places will be expensive to live in.

To be on the secure side at least keep $A5-8K with you. In case you will find it hard to get a job which can pay for your accommodation.

Sumit wrote
“Hey Rajan, I will be there in July, but at that time I will be just 18 years old. Will it make any difference to anything like my job?”

Sumit, your age not not affect your working capability. 18 years is a good age except for few jobs which involve driving because you will not have a full license.

Networking Jobs
Hi Rajan .... I am a Networking Engineer with 7 years of experience in a Large Scale ISP network. Can you please tell me what is the job prospect of such Network Engineers in Australia?

Hi There,

Telling you the truth there are jobs in the market. But not as many jobs as the professionals who are here. Usually companies promote internal staff to the next level. Still there are chances to score a job but you might have to start with small job. But we never know if luck is with you, you might get a good job in the beginning (Usually as we say you could be in the right place at the right time).


I am flying in Plane for the first time. What should I carry?
In your hand luggage you should carry
a) your passport and student visa, aeroplane ticket, money, important documents and valuables
b) Items that will be declared at Australian Customs
a spare copy of the front pages of your passport and visa
c)emergency clothing and a jacket
d)suitcases and other luggage should be 'LOCKED' and tagged with your name, address and contact telephone numbers.

From the Orkut Melbourne community. Republished here with permission from Rajan.


Tanya said...

Hi Rajan, Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing. I wish to do masters in applied finance/financial management can you please advise on the job prospects for the same.

Michelle said...

I've passed on your question to Rajan. Personally I think there would be a good number of jobs around for people with a finance/financial management masters, but I don't know for sure. Are you planning to do the masters as an overseas student here?

Rajan said...

Finance and Accounting are in demand "BUT" looking at number of international students currently enrolled for these courses I am not sure for how long there will be any demand. To look at the figures or trend check few job site like, etc.

Michelle said...

Ahmad said:

Job prospects for the said fields remain good, but the jobs have become more competitive. The large number of ppl opting in to study these fields has not reduced demand a lot, but made jobs more competitive. As such, now the prestige of the insititution and ur achievements count for getting a's where the difference between Charles Sturt and AGSM becomes prominent.

raman said...

hi rajan , its been a time that i wud have heard anything positive abt coming to mel after i hav aplid for the visa , bro i hav enrolled for masters in comp sc. , cud yu plz tell me abt getting jobs initially and advice me for the best . yours advice will be respected , with thanks

Michelle said...

Hi Raman,
Don't worry, Melbourne is a great place to live, and possible to live on wages from part time work. But if you come to Asutralia on a student visa aiming to get permanent residence you are giving yourself a very difficult task.

When do you arrive? Do you have any previous work background or skills you could use which will help you find your first job here?

Rajan said...

If you have applied for Masters in Computer science I am sure you must have some IT experience. Bro, asm Michelle said, if you are planning for residency after that you are giving yourself a very hard task. I have heard that from 1st of July immigration department might change the residency law and you might only get a working visa after study for about 16 months. During this time frame you will have to find a job in your field and show 12 months experience. I am not sure how true is it but I hear a lot of discussion on this between students.

Rajan said...

Changed in PR rules are lsited at

Pradeep Kalingarayar said...

Hello Rajan
I am Pradeep Rajkumar from Pollachi-Coimbatore,Tamilnadu.
Accidently went to UB Ballarat for a course and then i shifted my course to Master in information systems in Ballarat.I had a hell in Ballarat.SO I shifted to MIT-Melbourne Institute of technology.Its been three months now since I got a house in Coburg,I could not manage the expenses because of part time job availability.My room rent is monthly 650 dollars.I do not eat outside and I am a very good cook.I need tips in hunting for part time jobs.Casual jobs are useless.I tried plenty of jobs in my side posting my resume on net and giving door to door in the city.I am not able to find.I need a minimum labour job.Please provide me tips.

Pradeep Rajkumar.

Michelle said...

I your expectations were unrealistically high - its common not to find a part time job for 3 months or more.
Lots of students find jobs at call centres, restaurants and fast food outlets. I would suggest trying suburban areas rather than the city as the city is full of students looking for work.
People looking for someone to work for them don't search for resumes posted online, even to job websites. They will advertise to the websites or employment agencies and look at replies to advertisements.
I suggest you try some of these things, including contacting agencies. THe agencies are listed on I can't judge what skills you can bring, but you could try some agencies which recruit for fairly unskilled jobs, like PeopleCo and ManPower.

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