17 April 2007

Rajan advises: Travelling from the Airport to Melbourne Suburbs

Another useful piece of info would be how to get to the city/some suburb from Melbourne airport using public transport.. Apparently the public transport connections from the airport are very bad in Melbourne, so this info would be useful to almost anyone.

I tried once.. took me 2 hrs 20 minutes to get from Airport to Fairfield using a combination of bus/train/train/bus

This would be open question, there are factors what decides how you want to do it ?

1. How much money are you willing to spend ?
2. how far away is the place you want to go to ?
3. What time of the day are you landing ?

If you want to go to city which is the hub for going anywhere... cheapest is to take the Airport shuttle service from SKYBUS.

It charges $15 one way to take you to Spencer Street Station. It's service is every 15 minutes from the Airport.

Same way as SKYBUS there are other shuttle or pick-up services which can be used if you do not want to get a CAB.

One Example of such services is AIRPORT BUS. More information can be found at

From the Orkut Melbourne community. Republished here with permission from Rajan.

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