28 June 2007

End of Financial Year Sales

In case anyone's missed it, Saturday is the last day of the financial year and companies around the country are reducing stock to improve their end of year figures. That spells good discounts for shoppers. Lets have a sneak peek at a few of them. Advertisements in my local rag this week include a "Massive Jeans and Street Fashion Sale" starting 12 noon at the Brighton Town Hall, a stocktake sale at Decorators Warehouse, Cnr Cecil & Market St South Melbourne. Caulfield Godfrey's at 380 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield, has up to 60% off. They mainly sell vacuum cleaners, but have steam irons at $10 for the sale. That sounds all very well, but while we're still on water restrictions the best bargains have got to be on plants. Devon Tubestock Nursery in Monbulk* is offering hundreds of thousands of plants for sale at $1 each. If I had time to get across to Monbulk I'd be checking them out this weekend.

*17 McCarthy Rd, Monbulk Phone 9752 1700.

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