23 June 2007

How many kg am I allowed on the flight?

Manisha asked:
"Hey I'm from India coming with a student visa in July. Could anyone help me out by telling me how luggage I'm allowed? It will be a great help. Thanks.

Ahmad replied:
"That is up to specific airlines. Most airlines from India would allow 40kg for students. Normally it's 20+7 for economy class, 30+12 for business class and 40+12 for first class."

From India Airlines will not pinch you if its your very first flight. They are lenient if you keep your luggage under 40+7 kg.

40 should be divided into 2 bags. Due to work safety laws no one will pick up a bag heavier than 30kg.

There are things which are not allowed in the cabin bags and in luggage. Please check CASA's web site for it.

Reproduced from the Orkut Melbourne Community with permission from Rajan & Ahmad

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