16 June 2007

Myer Stocktake Sale

For all of you searching for a bargain, I've heard from a reliable source (Vogue Forums), that the Myer stocktake sale starts on Wednesday the 20th of June. There will be a preview event on Tuesday the 19th, for holders of Myer cards and Myerone cards.
Quoting Mr Industrie from the Vogue forum the sale catalogue is "pretty average. The offers for fashion were pretty boring, especially considering its a stocktake sale. Its mostly homewares stuff, so if that's what your after, then you might find it interesting. There are big discounts on selected towels, sheets & cookware and lots of travel goods on sale." For recent arrivals who can stand a few more days of being cold, prices of womens' coats will be reduced by 30% and quilts will be reduced by 40%.

The David Jones half yearly clearance started today.

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