07 July 2007

Do I need to do more study in Australia?

Anonymous asks:
Hi Rajan,
I'm getting married , my fiance has PR in Australia. I'm currently in Canada and will be moving to Australia with him after marriage. I have done B.Tech (Electronics and Instrumantation ) in India and P.G degree in Wireless Telecommunications in Canada, after that I have been working with DLink Networks and Primus Telecommunications as a Technical Support Associate.

I just want to know, do I have to study more in Australia to get a job or will I be able to find one on the basis of my previous experience?

I am planning to do SAP here in Canada itself, Whats the scope for a SAP professional in Australia and in which field, I'm planning either Management or Warehousing?

Ahmad replied:
SAP has a good scope...and you should be able to get a job based on your current qualifications as well.

Rajan replied:

Hi Bro,

First of all, if you have overseas experience (other than the one in India unless it's from companies like Infi, Microsoft, IBM, EMC, Wipro, HP, CISCO.....) you are always on the positive side. Let me tell you few things which affect you directly or indirectly even though you haven't asked for those.

- If you are moving from Canada you are going to find Australia pretty expensive as compared to Canada. There are many factors which affects it. The main factor is the small population because of which Australia does not hold the same bargaining power in the world marker as compared to US or CA.

- Job prospects are good for people who hold experience from known companies. But again your references count.

- SAP is in demand but I didn't see many permanent roles. Most of the roles are contract based. It's because most of the time once SAP has been rolled out internal people take over its maintenance. Check and to get an idea. Since you will not be holding experience in SAP I am not sure on the prospects.

- If you have good hold on AD, Domino, Exchange, LINUX and Unix you have more chances to score a good job.

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