16 July 2007


Luiz asked:

Hi, I'll be in Melbourne soon and I would like to know some tips about several things..
This is a great topic and I already found great tips! But I still would like ask few things..

1- Where can I find good deals for buying electronics, like photograph cameras or Ipods or pen drives? How much does does it costs approximately? I heard about some place where you can buy without taxes, like a Duty Free if you show your aeroplane ticket that is marked for less than 1 month? Does anybody know this place?

Rajan: Are you planning to stay in AUS only or you would be going to any other countries like Hong Kong, Singapore or Malaysia ? Those are good countries to shop for electronic items. There are duty free shops in Melbourne city where you can shop if you show your ticket. Further even if you will buy something from a non-duty free shop like Myer, Harvey Norman or any other store you can claim GST (10% of your bill) on the way back at Airport. But your purchase should be $300+

Thanks Rajan!
I'll just be in Melbourne and in Auckland.
I know that these places you've mentioned are better for electronics shopping...
But Australia is better than Brazil, where I live.
How can I get the addresses of these duty free stores? Do you know these stores?

Michelle: There are some in the Duty Free search in the Discount Melbourne Swicki (see left).

2- Are there good places to buy sneakers, like nike, adidas, rebook or others like that? Are there good prices? A friend of mine was in Melbourne few years ago and told me about some place near to the financial centre...

Rajan: Smith street (Tram 86 will take you there), DFO outlets.

3- I like to know local cultures when I visit different places. I like to go to local markets and restaurants.. Does someone have good recommendations?

Rajan: Greek (Losdale St.), Italian (Lygon St. , Carlton), Asian (China town, Lt.Bourke St.)

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